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Ronald Reagan’s Jeeps

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UPDATE: Joe-in-Mesa shared this pic of Ronald Reagan driving Mikhail Gorbachev around his ranch in his beloved Jeep Scrambler. The image was part of a Calendar his parents had.


Four Wheeler Magazine has a collection of photos showing both his CJ-6 and his CJ-8 Scrambler. Not shown in the Four Wheeler pics, but shown at the bottom, is the M-38A1 purchased by the Secret Service.


Originally Posted November 12, 2020: The CJ-3B

A recent post highlighted Presidents and Jeeps. Included was a stock photo showing Ronald Reagan in his late model CJ-3B:



Originally Posted March 30, 2016: The CJ-6

Former President Ronald Reagan’s CJ-6 was awarded national historic status in 2016 when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Vehicles. You can learn more here:



Originally Posted May 10, 2013:  This M-38A1 was for sale for $50,000 in 2010.

Well, if you are looking for a special Jeep for your collection and you love Presidential Stuff, then this is the jeep for you.  Ronald Reagan’s personal M-38A1 which he owned from 1982 – 1996, before donating it.  It’s now in the hands of a collector who wishes to sell it.

“This particular example was owned by legendary president Ronald W.?Regan, the 40th president of the United States while he was Commander and Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Owned by Regan form 1982 until being donated in 1996, this vehicle was used at the Regan Ranch by the president himself who was known for doing lots of work on the ranch when serving his country or on vacation.

Purchased by the Secret Service at the request of Regan in March 18th of 1982, Regan had served two years in office up to that point and had just survived the assignation attempt only one year prior. His request to purchase this Jeep was a somewhat predictable one as he had served the country during the time of the invention of the Jeep and obviously had great familiarity with them. He had enlisted in the Army in 1937 and served honorably rising to the rank of Captain and retiring from active duty in December 1945. He would continue to be a reservist for nearly ten more years, retiring for good on April 1, 1953. Not surprisingly, his Jeep was a late year 1952 model and was likely the primary mode of transportation for may military staff for 1953.  Owned by the Camping and Education Foundation for several years following Regan’s donation the Jeep came into the hands of a much respected Texas collector some time ago. he has carefully preserved the Jeep in running order and has amassed a dossier of records and keepsake, fully authenticating the provenance of this extraordinary vehicle.”

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Here is a pic of the President and his Scrambler courtesy of Gerald:


5 Comments on “Ronald Reagan’s Jeeps

  1. steven seagull

    president reagans main jeep was the cj-6 — he only got the cj-8 egg scrambler because he wore out the cj-6 — those other jeeps he never drove — i’m so old we used to protest against ” GOVERNON RAYGUN ” in the 60’s — but since my main ranch jeep is a cj-6 , i have new respect for him … GOD BLESS AMERICA and our TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN !

  2. steven seagull

    my birthday is Feb. 12 , me and honest Abe Lincoln — Reagan was no Lincoln , we all agree on that .. and my cj6 is sort of red ? the color of iron oxide , RUST — it was marine ? parade ? blue when new in 1967 , then the US Forest Service got it and probably never waxed it , then they flipped it over , didnt bother to put oil back in the v-6 engine , blew it up , sold it , old man i got it from put a 1979 buick 231 v-6 in , a ww2 MB transfer case , big honking tires and got drunk and crashed it in to a light pole , then he put another left front fender on it , sold it to me — i restored back to original pretty much , added the warn overdrive , powr-lok rear end , seats reupholstered , re-arch springs , all new everything – the exterior is still rusty RED , i wash it with WD40 , its under the snow now on the RANCH , tarps , its friend 1948 model 4wd truck parked in front of it , keeping it company , its other friends are nearby , snowcovered , and some lucky willys are in the barn ( 3 ) 53 aero-falcon , 50 673 wgn , 48 jeepster vette 327 , and more willys parts than willys america and walcks put together are wedged in there along with black widows , big ones , alligator lizard, and scorpions – thats country living , very harsh enviroment , so bad i keep my WARN hubs LOCKED AT ALL TIMES ! — SEMPER FI !!

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Good eyes Keith. Makes you wonder what’s on the Govt plate on the dash and Mfr plate behind the pass seat, doesn’t it.

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