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FC-150 and FC-170 Yreka, CA $5500/each

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available. These are $5500/each

(10/31/2020) “Selling 2 Jeep Willy’s Forward controls. One 150 for sale One 170 for sale Will not part out. Price is $5500 EACH. One I have auction paperwork for, the other may or may not have title. I’d have to look. 170 Irace jeep believe isn’t original motor 150 is mostly all original”

1960-fc170-year-fc150-yreka-ca1 1960-fc170-year-fc150-yreka-ca2 1960-fc170-year-fc150-yreka-ca3 1960-fc170-year-fc150-yreka-ca4


10 Comments on “FC-150 and FC-170 Yreka, CA $5500/each

  1. Blaine

    The 150 is a 1957 or early 1958 and the 170 is a late 1958 or newer if this is a good enough answer William.

  2. steven seagull

    i drove through YREKA the other day and dont see any FC’S ANYWHERE ?? — looks like this fellow has cornered the market on FC’S in the greater SHASTA VALLEY area ?? — saved none 4 me ?? — thanks ???

  3. steven seagull

    this stupid name i am using is because steven segal has a ranch in the shasta valley hes trying to unload , 11.9 million , thats correct , 11.9 million bongo bucks — i think its over 5000 acres and has several lakes , awesome view of a major cascade range stratovolcano ( shasty butte ) and several residences ( mansions ) on the land — mr segal has hit hard times with legal affairs , google it , this is a family forum — i hear the movie bigshot has a fleet of vintage willys vehicles on the estate , but seeing hes a 100th degree black belt , i’m not going anywheres near that area ..

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I hadn’t heard about the Segal having a collection of Willys (I don’t really follow him at all, so that’s not a surprise). I’ll do some hunting ….

  5. steven seagull

    hello david – dont bother researching mr segal , he doesnt have any willys , i lied , hes broke and living in a cheap pop-tent on YREKA CREEK — i have never seen 1 of his movies , in fact the last movie i saw in a theater was STAR WARS , 1977 ?

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