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1957 Movie Black Scorpion w/ CJ-3A

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Blaine spotted a CJ-3A with a trailer in the 1957 Movie “Black Scorpion“. The flick captures the emotional turmoil of scorpions who, once trapped inside a volcano, are released by volcanic activity. Ready to party like velociraptors on Adderall, the scorpions reek havoc on the rural communities surrounding Mexico City. Here’s more on the story from and

The main character drives the CJ-3A, so apparently the jeep appears often in the film.


Here’s the trailer for the movie, though there’s no jeep featured in it.


3 Comments on “1957 Movie Black Scorpion w/ CJ-3A

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Interesting petty detail, but I don’t think there’s glass in the windshield frame. No reflections and in #1 his hand is gripping where it would be. Must be to avoid reflections and still have a clear view of the cast.

  2. Craig in ME

    Yes, it’s shown quite often in this ‘hokey’ movie. Was on TCM this past weekend. Pretty decent looking 3A at that!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Craig: Well, somehow I’ve never seen it!

    Barney: I think you are right. Movie ‘magic’, lol.

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