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1955 CJ-3B Wrentham, MA $20,000

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UPDATE: This was listed in Wrentham, but now is in Plymouth, but seems to have the same pics.

“1955 Willys CJ3B, In very good condition, 4-134 F Head Motor, Arena yellow. Recently serviced which includes the following work, new rear main seal, new oil pan gasket, new timing gasket, new front crank seal, re-sealed transmission and transfer case, new rear pinion seal, new rear differential fluid, new wiper motor, new carburetor, new fuel pump, new tie rod ends, repaired emergency brake, rebuilt brake master, new transfer case yolk, new front light sockets and lights, cleaned fuel tank and re-plumbed fuel lines, new seat belts and new speedometer. Heating element is in place but not plumbed. Everything else works as it should.”

1955-cj3b-plymouth-ma1 1955-cj3b-plymouth-ma2 1955-cj3b-plymouth-ma3 1955-cj3b-plymouth-ma4

Older pics:

1955-cj3b-boston-ma01 1955-cj3b-boston-ma0 1955-cj3b-boston-ma1 1955-cj3b-boston-ma2 1955-cj3b-boston-ma3 1955-cj3b-boston-ma4 1955-cj3b-boston-ma5 1955-cj3b-boston-ma7 1955-cj3b-boston-ma6 1955-cj3b-boston-ma8


9 Comments on “1955 CJ-3B Wrentham, MA $20,000

  1. Mike

    Nice shape at an affordable, fair market price, this is surprising considering it is a vehicle being sold through a dealer, no price gouging here.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    It is nice and a great deal.
    I am not convinced it is govt surplus though. The “govt” data plate looks new like the others and is available repro also. Note that there was no “Supply Arm or Service” (Agency) filled in. And “Overland” had been dropped from the name a couple years prior. This may also be a repro body judging from the rust film starting to appear underneath in the original postings. It would be interesting if the dealer can provide any history to this vehicle including that of the restoration.

  3. Mike

    Barney, valid points you bring up, things I didn’t notice, two heads ARE better than one.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I was wondering about the lack of an agency stamp as well … but, I figured oversights like this could happen from time to time. I think Barney’s right about getting documentation or evidence of an original plate to back up the claim.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Pretty nice… but does that color remind anyone else of glow-in-the-dark? I can’t say I’ve seen it on a non-toy Jeep before.

  6. Clem

    I don’t really care for the color , but at least they painted the entire body the one color, i.e. wheel wells, floor, dash board.

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