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March 1950 Dealer’s Day Booklet

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As best as I can tell, this booklet was part of a Willys-Overland Motors Dealer Day presentation on March 30, 1950. This particular booklet came out of Canada, so I am not positive whether this was a Canadian event or a Brand-wide (US, Canada, and other?) celebration.

At 5″ x 7″ the booklet is smaller than I thought it would be.
1950-03-30-dealer-day-pamphlet-1-lores 1950-03-30-dealer-day-pamphlet-2-lores 1950-03-30-dealer-day-pamphlet-3-lores



1950-03-30-dealer-day-pamphlet-6-lores 1950-03-30-dealer-day-pamphlet-7-lores


One comment on “March 1950 Dealer’s Day Booklet

  1. colin peabody

    From my understanding, March 3, 1950 was the official introduction date of the newly restyled and newly powered Willys vehicles, so I would venture a guess, this was a brand wide celebration which would have included Canadian dealers as well as other international Willys dealers.

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