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1962 Station Wagon Brochure

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The most interesting this to me about this brochure is that the front of it shows the wagon in front of 1962 Seattle World’s Fair icons. In terms of brochures, based on what I’ve seen, Willys-Overland and Willys-Motors didn’t usually include that kind of iconography.

This is the front:


The back (when unfolded) is blank:


Unfolding the brochure vertically yields these images:


Opening either wing reveals the unfolded imagery:


This shows the unfolded back:



2 Comments on “1962 Station Wagon Brochure

  1. vernon

    thats great — i was at the 1962 seattle worlds fair — the space needle was brand new — elvis was filming a movie there — he bought us kids cokes — i remember cokes were 50 cents , a lot of money in 62 — my brother fell in the fountain trying to grab coins — the monorail — dont remember seeing any willys there ? — the other picture looks like mt hood , oregon ?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I didn’t look too carefully at the large photo’s background, but I think you are right. That could well be Mt. Hood illustrated from the east side of the mountain and north side of the Columbia Gorge, though the gorge itself isn’t depicted very accurately.

    I have yet to see an image of a jeep at the Seattle World’s fair. Still watching out for it.

    – Dave

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