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1951 Brochure: Power! … Where It Counts!

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This 1950 or 1951 brochure focuses on the main 4WD vehicles offered by Willys-Overland, including the 4WD Sedan Delivery, he 4WD Truck, the 4WD Station Wagon, and the CJ-3A Universal Jeep. There is no form number on it. I’m dating this as 1951 because 1) it doesn’t mention the f-head being ‘new’ and 2) the 1950 truck and wagon brochures are more colorful and larger, whereas the 1951 brochures feel a little more subdued in their use of color.

1950-power-when-it-counts-brochure-1-lores 1950-power-when-it-counts-brochure-2-lores 1950-power-when-it-counts-brochure-3-lores 1950-power-when-it-counts-brochure-4-lores 1950-power-when-it-counts-brochure-5-lores


6 Comments on “1951 Brochure: Power! … Where It Counts!

  1. gordon west

    “Power – where it counts”

    My Dad told a story of the scariest experience he ever had driving his 1952 Wagon. He was climbing a very steep and long hill and the Jeep was running out of power, barely ticking over as he finally crested the top.

    I don’t suppose an ad touting, “Nothing beats a long stroke”, would have been as appropriate for marketing!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Gordon: Oh, how do I hate backing down an awkward hill, especially with loose rock! Dad was going up a chuck-hole laiden hill like that when his rear drive-line broke. He tried to pull off, but it was too steep, so he ended up rolling down the hill (three barrel rolls and two end-over-end rolls I think). Thankfully, he’d recently installed a full cage, so he only got a scratch. The jeep wasn’t so lucky. He never liked jeeping after that.

  3. Chuck

    (3rd page from the top) A passenger drop transfer case with a centered differential – are the rear drivelines really like that?

  4. John North Willys

    excuse me ? dave — those willys wagon chassis pics are a WILLYS TRUCK FRAME !! — i know , i just hauled a 4×4 wagon frame , a 4wd truck frame and a 48 jeepster frame to my FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE — the truck frames have the closed , boxed in back end — wagons and jeepsters are open ..

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Good call. That was a big failure on my part. I was more focused on the rear driveline and that angle than the actual chassis (the example still applies to Chuck’s question).

    – Dave

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