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1948? Jeep Station Sedan Brochure

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In 1950 the Jeep Station Sedan line was upgraded with the Lightening 6 engine. Apparently, that didn’t stimulate sales, as the Sedan model was canceled later in 1950. For some reason, there’s no form number attached to this brochure (I can’t figure out why some brochures have form numbers and some don’t). The four-page brochure opens horizontally. Since it didn’t fit on my scanner, I ‘scanned’ it with my phone, but it didn’t scan all that well. It doesn’t look as dirty in person as it does in the pics.

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2 Comments on “1948? Jeep Station Sedan Brochure

  1. David

    The Station Sedan came out in 1948.
    The 6 cylinder motor was introduced that year (148 cubic inches).
    I have an owner’s manual for that particular model.

  2. vernon

    i have the owners manual and the repair manual — plus i had the station sedan — then i torched it because i was young and stupid , it was pretty rough , missing a lot of the things that made it a STATION SEDAN –> hood emblems , rear seat , dashboard had been cut for different gauges , i still have the drive train , fenders , grill , wheels , bumpers , suspension , i do have the engine turned glove box door with the STATION SEDAN emblem , its real nice , what a memento ..

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