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1953 M-170 Yoncalla, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300.

Project or parts.

“A M170 Jeep motor and trans are there dose run but not ready for the road great restoring project”

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7 Comments on “1953 M-170 Yoncalla, OR **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    SOLD! (apparently). I got this message on Facebook, “This Listing Isn’t Available Anymore
    It may have been sold or expired.”

  2. Scott Wallick

    This listing was also posted on the early CJ5 forum. Whoever bought the M170 got a great deal IMO.
    For what it’s worth here’s the comment I wrote to post on the forum.

    “I just saw this and it’s SOLD. Somebody got a great deal. It might be difficult to restore, but it has a lot of good parts. It has the data plates, wipers, parking brake handle, grab bar, driver’s seat frame, and the rear hoop for the top. It could be parted out for more than the asking price.
    The hood, grill, and at least one fender look good. It has the battery box cover.
    It has a rear tailgate, but it’s not original. It has the transmission and transfer case. It doesn’t say what if anything is under the hood. It’s got wheels, don’t know if they’re original but they could be.
    If not restored it could be made into a really cool drivable vehicle.
    From what I have read they only built anywhere from 4,155 to somewhere around 6,500 over 11 or 12 years. I know 1955 was the highest production year.
    Production numbers and years aren’t real clear. Most were ambulances, but some carried radio gear. On second thought if this was a radio vehicle, the tailgate could be original.
    Maybe more than you wanted to know, but I like ’em.
    And besides, out of the M170 came the CJ6.”

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Scott, if you live anywhere near Phoenix and are looking for an M170 I know of 2: one done and one project. Dave (post author) can give you my contact info.

  4. Scott Wallick

    Thanks, Joe. I’ve got one M170 along with 3 other Jeeps. I’ve been banned from buying any other Jeeps by my better half. We live in a subdivision and I’ve already expanded the driveway and I’m out of room.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Scott, never more than we want to know … each model seems to be its own specialty niche. I know I’m always learning from others.

    Joe, Is the guy with the M-170s the same one you introduced me to at the MVPA event where we visited you a few years ago?

  6. Joe in Mesa

    I understand, Scott. Unless we move I’ll need to sell a vehicle before adding another 😉

    Dave, it is the same M170 he displayed at our events. Just a wonderful guy. I’ll text you the rest of the story.

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