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Future of eWillys

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This is a tease …. Barring something unforeseen, our contract indicates this is the future of eWillys …. And, no that’s not a street, it’s the parking. When all is finalized, I will explain more.



36 Comments on “Future of eWillys

  1. Marty Tilford

    Now your just making most of us jealous…….. Looks awesome. Cant wait for the first ever ewillys meet and great 😁 Just need the time and place!!


  2. Joe in Mesa

    Looks awesome Dave :-).
    I’m seeing lots of garage space to work on Lost Biscuit, Patterson, and perhaps an FC, Wagon, or Pickup!?
    Gonna need a “World Headquarters of eWillys” sign 😉

    Agree with Marty and Clem: would be great to have an eWillys Meet and Greet!
    Crossing my fingers all goes well…

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. We are pretty excited, though there is still some work to be done on the place. We hopefully close in a month and a half. I will give a more detailed description on how quickly the process had to occur (3 days from listing to sold) and how narrowly we got it (our realtor proved her worth as her strategy paid off).

    You all are reading our minds on the jeep-meet (trying to figure out a name); though the house is smaller than our current house (a small downside), the outbuildings, guest cottage, and other extra space makes up for that.

    The property sits on 5 flat, open acres with views of Horse Heaven Hills. It sits 5 minutes from an interstate (and RV dump station), five minutes from services (grocery store, hardware, restaurants), seven minutes from a cute small town via back roads, and seven minutes from the base of Horse Heaven Hills, which has some great gravel roads to explore (not hard jeeping, but still …). Shop includes a 200 amp service, a drive-on lift, an office + bathroom, and an extra area for our wood shop.

    Joe … that’s a great idea for a sign!

  4. Joe in Mesa

    How about the “eWillys Roundup”… giving a nod to the FC Roundup held here in Phoenix for so many years?

  5. Jim

    I think I figured out something where this “JAS” syndrome is concerned. You Dave, are a super spreader! That looks like a very appropriate “eWillys HQ”

  6. Will Regan/ Santa Cruz Ca

    How very exciting for you guys!! Looks and sounds like a super nice property and area! I’m sure your going to love it!!

  7. Allan J. Knepper

    WOW…….can’t wait to hear more of the story. Don’t forget to give us one of those “Zillow” style walk-thru videos of the entire property asap……..OK……at least the storage and work shop !!

  8. Roger So. Oregon

    That looks awesome! Congratulations on the new digs!
    If there’s ever a meet and greet rally, count me in!

    I see more Willy-jeeps in your future! Way more! Lol

  9. Mark S.

    Congratulations Dave and Ann, hope it all works out for you. Life is much better with a shop, especially in the winter. I have been without a large shop for awhile, but I do have a small garage with heat.

  10. Ill Chris

    Very nice, Dave hope you and Ann score on this one. If you do I know you guys will be very busy for a wile.

  11. JohnfromSC

    Dave, is this a future pportunity for Jeepshare or Jeepcondos for you plebes? Wishing you the best on your endeavor, and hopefully a future place to visit for your loyal eWillys scribes!

  12. Mike

    Nice set up, every man’s dream come true. Reminds me of Ed (Big Daddy) Roth saying, “Forget about the house, how big is the garage?”

  13. Kurt in Renton

    Looks like the perfect setup. Indoor parking for the daily drivers. A nice rambler to live in and a large free standing shop so the wife doesn’t get mad about too much noise.

  14. Scotty g

    This should put you on our Oregon trail epic Willy’s adventure route, congrats on the estate. Maybe you could set aside a wall in the shop for guys to send Uber cool items for display? Not a museum but a shrine

  15. SteveK

    I concur with every comment above, a beautiful set up for the “Happier ever after”, and for more great eWillys posts from your experiences and projects. I am about as far away as one can get here in South Florida, but I would love to try to make it to the first “eWillys event”. Best Wishes for a successful adventure ongoing for you and Ann. Congratulations!!!

  16. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. It’s been a long 12 years since I lost most everything in the Great Recession (something I discussed in my first book); it’s been a long time coming …

    Steve: Given you will likely travel the farthest, we’ll reserve a bed for you.

    Don: No eWillys world headquarters would be the same without the literature & research center. There is a room in the shop that is perfect for it, though it’s not big enough to house my full non-jeep library (don’t have a spot for that yet). My biggest challenge remains reorganizing the jeep literature so I can more easily find it all!

    Scott: Never thought about that; I didn’t really imagine folks sending me stuff. At least, I finally have a place for my jeep posters and the Alaska Or Rust banner!

    Kurt: Ann is a former weapons expert, a lover of planes, very handy with tools, and is a creative problem solver. I can imagine her in the shop making her own noise (she calls it my shop, but we both know she can’t wait to do stuff in there). Thankfully, the shop doors aren’t wide enough to allow for a plane, or my jeep plans would be in trouble!

    John: You mean like a Jeep BnB? lol. I do think there’s a small market for older folks who want to downsize, but don’t have room in their downsized places to have the tools to work on their treasured vehicle(s). I would have considered studying the feasibility of that.

    Jim: I can’t say anyone has called me a ‘super spreader’ before, but there are some wives who blame me for their husband’s continued Willys addiction (perhaps the term ‘drug’ dealer is more appropriate, lol).

  17. SteveK

    Since as “Willys Jeeps owners”, it is a traditional obligation to “wave” to other Jeepers, maybe “The eWillys Wave” is a theme to consider. Note the definition…
    wave NOUN
    a large number of people moving or arriving somewhere at the same time

    Thanks for the bed offer Dave, but I noticed you didn’t say “where” lol. So much to consider and organize, you really are ambitious. I hope it all works out for you and Ann. Best of Luck!

  18. colin peabody

    Wow Dave and Anne- This looks great! how about a clue as to where it is and access to it? Your Governor is doing his best to discourage travellers to Washington by increasing your gas tax by 30 cents per gallon, but the die hard Jeepers will still show up!!!

  19. David Eilers Post author

    Colin, when we finally close (Apr 16th) I will publish more info with some better pics and pics of the shop interior and, of course, our jeeps parked out front.

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