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1950? Willys Sedan Delivery Brochure

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There’s no form number on this Willys Sedan Brochure, but based on the style, I would say it’s a 1950 brochure. This is the front of the brochure. Once I receive on additional brochure, I’ll demonstrate the series of 1950 wagon/truck nose brochures.


This is the back fo the unfolded brochure:


When unfolded vertically, this page appears:


When unfolded once more, this time horizontally, this page appears. One interesting detail is that the other similar brochure refer to the engine as “new”, but this one refers to the engine as “Famous”. Thus, I suspect this is a late 1950 brochure.


When the brochure is fully unfolded, this page appears:


This is how the unfolded back of the brochure looks:Photos


3 Comments on “1950? Willys Sedan Delivery Brochure

  1. colin peabody

    This might be a 1952 brochure as it mentions Key Starting, which I think occurred with the 1952 model year.

  2. Dan B.

    Dave –

    That’s when Willys switched from a button on the floor to activate the starter (the ignition key was just power on or off, no start) versus turning the ignition key to start which Willys switched to around 1952.

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