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August 1949 Salesbuilder & May News Article

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UPDATE: Thanks to a May 27, 1949, article in the Rhinelander Daily News (Wisconsin), we now know that the Forestry Demonstration occurred on May 26th. There’s also more in-depth information on the event within the article.



Originally Posted November 8, 2020: This August 1949, Volume 1, No. 6, Salesbuilder shows off the new 4WD wagon. There’s  a report about a Forest exhibition in May of 1949 near Eagle River, Wisconsin, where the fire jeeps showed their ability to get quickly to fires. The Jeepster’s new inline 6 gets a nod, as does the Bountiful Jeep Posse.


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One comment on “August 1949 Salesbuilder & May News Article

  1. Barry

    The forestry demo story has a lot of Newgren fire plow mentions, and a great back cover shot. There is also mention of the pickup unit equipped with a pump/pressure tank, Monroe lift and Newgren fire plow. Nice story.

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