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1950 Willys Sedan Delivery Export Company Brochure

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This is the fifth of five similar brochures, though it’s the only one described as a Willys-Overland Export Company Brochure. It highlights the Willys Sedan Delivery vehicle. The form number is SD-73-MI–80M–350. Like the others, it is nearly 22″x17″.

The brochure in the post below this appears to be the same, though with different colors, and it states it is from Willys-Overland Motors. Why are they different? I don’t know.

This is how the folded front page looks:


This is the folded back page:


When unfolded vertically, this page appears:


When unfolded horizontally, this page appears highlighting the new Hurricane engine:


When completely unfolded, this page appears:


And, finally, this is how the back appears when unfolded:



2 Comments on “1950 Willys Sedan Delivery Export Company Brochure

  1. colin peabody

    As we have mentioned previously in discussing the DJ3A Galas?Surreys, Willys had their original corporate name, Willys Overland(then Willys Motors) as well as the Willys Overland Export Corporation. Willys Overland Export Corp handled all the vehicles, sales materials, etc., destined for sale outside the continental limits of the United States. This would have included Alaska and Hawaii even after both became states in 1959. This was a way for Willys to keep track of everything that went outside the USA and they could keep those budgets separate as well. The brochures would have been the same with the exception of the part that said Willys Overland Export Corporation. The printing costs would have come from the Export budget rather than the normal corporate budget.

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