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CJ-2A Body and Front Clip Morro Bay, CA $1000

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That poor CB looks abused. The driver’s step is missing and there are a few mods. Seller has additional parts available.

“Cj2a tub, fenders, hood, grill, 3b windshield… 1k obo I have other parts that can go with it for more $$$.”

cj2a-body-morrobay-ca1 cj2a-body-morrobay-ca2 cj2a-body-morrobay-ca3 cj2a-body-morrobay-ca4


2 Comments on “CJ-2A Body and Front Clip Morro Bay, CA $1000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Strange rectangular transmission hump opening… interesting parking/emergency brake lever added in the floor. Overall the metal looks solid and straight.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I did something like this emergency brake (from a Vega) that I added to my first jeep. It worked okay, but not great (more an issue with my design than with the idea). I have seen this in a few other jeeps back in the 80s.

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