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Kaiser’s Flintstone Mobile (aka the “KLI”)

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Cruising through some online photos yesterday, I stumbled upon a Kaiser Jeep prototype called the Sport Low Investment” (XLI) vehicle. Apparently, employees dubbed it the Flintstonemobile. Figuring Derek likely did a write up on this vehicle, I went over to the 3B page and sure enough, he’s got an informative write up on it:


PHOTO CREDIT: Toledo Lucas County Public Library


PHOTO CREDIT: Toledo Lucas County Public Library


4 Comments on “Kaiser’s Flintstone Mobile (aka the “KLI”)

  1. Keith

    I believe I have a CD of photos of that prototype being built at the “Highway Products” facility in Kent Ohio where the postal Jeeps and the FJ’s were assembled.

    Not to mention the Seloucki

  2. David Eilers Post author


    A Seloucki? That’s a new one for me. What is/was a Seloucki? Even the great Googler balks when I try to search for that term.

    – Dave

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