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1945? VEC CJ-2A Fire Jeep Berkey, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Auctioned through sealed bids.

Jerry Huber confirmed that this is a 1945 VEC CJ-2A, serial number #11822. Jerry added, “That would place the body at the end of the 1945 production run. The Fire Dept. documents that they got it in the spring or summer of 1946, which is still possible with the time for the Darley Fire Conversion. There is also a story that the vehicle had a frame failure shortly after they got it from Darley and it was returned to the Willys Plant in Toledo where the frame was replaced with a heavier duty and reinforced unit. I have heard that story before but can’t verify although some one with more history on the unit may be able to confirm.”


Originally posted Mar 2, 2021: Listed as a 1947, this is likely a 1945 VEC CJ-2A. It’s got rear hubs, indents, early windshield, a column shift and (I think) the earliest “WILLYS” data plate. Bidding is allowed from March 1, 2021, though April 02, 2021.

“Public Notice – Richfield Township is placing the 1947 Willy’s Jeep Fire Apparatus for sale via SEALED BID. Richfield Township is accepting SEALED BIDS for purchase of the 1947 Willy’s Jeep Fire Apparatus from Monday 3/1/2021 through Friday 4/2/2021 at 4:00 PM. The vehicle is sold as is with no warranties or guarantees made of any kind. This vehicle has been garage stored and maintained throughout its lifetime with Berkey / Richfield Township Fire Department as the original and only owner. The vehicle is open to inspection Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The vehicle sale is subject to a minimum bid of $10,000. The bids will be opened on Monday 4/5/2021 and highest bid above the minimum sale amount will be awarded. Sealed Bids must be addressed to Fire Chief Keith Clonch at 11450 W. Sylvania Avenue, Berkey, Ohio 43504.”

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32 Comments on “1945? VEC CJ-2A Fire Jeep Berkey, OH **SOLD**

  1. Bill Norris

    I believe Berkey is the dept that owned the Jeep that was used in the early movies and advertising. They cracked the frame on that Jeep and replaced it with this one.

  2. Bob

    I’ve seen those photos on the CJ3B page. It makes sense since it was so close to Toledo. Wish I could afford this thing. It would make a nice addition to the stable.

  3. Brad

    I’ve never known a fire department or fireman that would let a seat get to that condition regardless of the vehicles duty status.

  4. Searle Roscoe

    That Fire Department is Straight out off of Central Ave from the Old Jeep Plant in Toledo. 14.1 miles from Birthplace.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Jerry Huber said this is near him. He understood the jeep was going to be kept and restored. He plans to verify the serial number.

  6. Searle Roscoe

    Yep I live near it also, My father new some of the fireman that were on that department. We live just across the Michigan line and my grandparents and other family all worked at the Jeep plant back in the days 50s thru the 70s

  7. CraigInPA

    I wonder if they really want to sell it, considering the minimum bid is $10k.

    My local FD sold one of their pumpers using a raffle. 200 tickets at $100 each, and they sold every ticket inside a week. The new owner was very pleased.

  8. Barney Goodwin

    Facebook comments reveal a revolution in the making with almost all demanding it be kept there locally and that since a levy was just passed there isn’t the pressing need for money. If you really want it, submit a sealed bid. But most public auctions of this type have a “best bid” clause and can reject all of them if they decide to keep it. Based on comments I’m seeing, I’m sure the Village council or Township Trustees meetings will be well attended.

  9. Jeff

    Serial number is 11822 making it a 1945 the windshield has been replaced early windshield top bow storage stud washers were round the fire jeep has square

  10. Barney Goodwin

    Jeff, I thought the square ones were the early ones. Just did a Google photo search and everyone from somewhere in 46 up – 48 were round.

  11. Ted Jordan

    I’d say it’s worth all of $10K and much more for sure being a 45. I bet it does well at auction, especially if it’s got all its original equipment. Would probably do better on Ebay but most likely would end up overseas

  12. Keith

    Bill, You are not wrong. Those movies and pictures of the test burns were across the road to the East of the Berkey Fire Dept. Daron Wanberg and I walked the site with members of the Fire Dept 15 or so years ago when we went there to document the Jeep. I’ve got about 100 photos.

    The Jeep in the original films was a CJ-2 Agrijeep, that’s what they broke the frame on.
    When they sent it back for a new frame, they were sent a new Jeep instead, and the original was never seen again that I know of.

  13. Bill Norris


    Thanks for confirming my lack of some senility. I wasn’t sure who I had heard that from, it must have been you.

    Was the Agrijeep the American Marsh then?


  14. Keith

    Bill, speaking of senility, I’m not sure what year I took the photos, I look like I was in high school when the pictures were taken. Shoot me an email and I’ll sent you a few stills of the AgriJeep Fire Truck.

  15. Derek Redmond

    Could there have been more than one CJ-2 fire truck, or would it have been modified for testing? There are differences between the 1946 Berkey photos and the 1945 factory photos.

  16. Derek Redmond

    Pretty interesting and puzzling trying to sort out the various early fire trucks — they’re all different. I wonder when Howe came into the picture. I’m back to thinking the 1946 Berkey photos show a 2A. The Jeep certainly has a 2A front grille on it, although other features like the top-mounted spare and the little siren look like the CJ-2. It has the suction hose up on the ladder rack, which suggests a 1946 build, so maybe these photos show the replacement Jeep.

  17. Barney Goodwin

    Not to lighten up the conversation, but has anyone else noticed that someone pasted a 72> AMC tailgate badge on on the windshield frame.? Lol.

  18. David Eilers Post author

    Jerry Huber examined this yesterday: He confirmed that this is a 1945 VEC CJ-2A, serial number #11822.

  19. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Mark,

    I don’t have an update on this. I just searched for one, but couldn’t locate any information.

    – Dave

  20. Barney Goodwin

    It’s Public Record in the State of Ohio. They have to tell you if you ask, though they can make you put the request in writing. I’ll try to remember to call up there tomorrow and see if I can find out.

  21. Barney Goodwin

    So I made contact this morning with a Richland Twp Trustee. He advised that the Willys Fire truck sold for $36,912.92. They were very pleased with the result and said the proceeds would help towards new Squads.
    According to a local ABC interview in late March, the Fire Chief said it had been appraised for $15K and some change and they were hoping to get at least that. My original low-wholesale appraisal was $25K>. I figured it could go as high as 50 considering that some even flew in from out of state to look at it. The Trustee also stated they were pleased it sold to someone locally so that the history remains there.

  22. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for the update.

    Fire the appraiser, lol! Usually the jeep appraisals I’ve seen are way over the top in their estimates, but $15k was definitely way too low. Interesting that it sold locally. I was figuring $25k to $30k. But, you never know when folks with deep pockets or deep jeep passion enter the fray.

    – Dave

  23. Daron

    Keith has the story right.
    Wow!!! Keith. That seems like yesterday. I have a pile of pictures and the 16mm film copy.

  24. Art Gloss

    I own a 1945 Willys Fire Jeep made by Howe with a booster trailer. The Jeep has both Willys and Ford surplus parts on it and is a early CJ2A Willys column shifter. Has been shown at the Fall Willys and Jeep Reunion at Auto World Museum in Fulton Mo. The show is always the weekend after Labour Day

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