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1963 Wagon? Stillwater, OK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9500.

Mike spotted this wagon on eBay. It’s got all correct nomenclature (note that the Gov plate images I have all spell ‘Traveller’ with one L). But, it doesn’t have the correct flat rear wheel wells for sideways seats. So, is it actually a Parkway Conversion?

“Up for consideration is an original, unrestored 1963 Willys Jeep Traveller. This is a very rare Jeep with production of the 4×4 version less than 1000 units, it came out of Oregon a few years ago and has remained pretty much as found. The Traveller has the original roof tire, the optional front mount Koenig pto driven winch and the optional Overhead Cam Tornado 6 motor. Starts and runs as it should with most all guages and lights operable. I have recently purchased and installed new tires to include the spare. There is structural rust in the floor and also in the roof at the drip rail area that has had some amateur repair done long ago. There are other areas of less serious rust but overall a very restorable jeep, restore or enjoy it as is. Full payment due within 7 days unless prior arrangements are made in advance. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

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1953-traveller-wagon-stillwater-ok6 1953-traveller-wagon-stillwater-ok7 1953-traveller-wagon-stillwater-ok8


5 Comments on “1963 Wagon? Stillwater, OK **SOLD**

  1. Bill Norris


    That is a ‘62 traveller serial number for a 230 4WD.

    I have seen factory documents with one and two ‘l’s.

    The rear seats are weird and maybe it’s just the picture angle, but it doesn’t look like the rear wheels are flat on the inside.



    This wagon was sold in Oregon in 2015 , I looked at it then and it had a considerable amount of rust. A large project to be sure. See Todd’s wagon May 11, 2015 .

  3. Denny Napier

    Seller says the roof-mounted spare is “original”. I know that is the popular “safari” look but hard to believe that W-O expected their wagon owners to somehow clamber up and remove the spare if needed. Is this actually the way they did it at the factory?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Donald: I didn’t put it together that this wagon was Todd’s. I’ve seen this one in person.

    Denny: The Traveller brochures do show the tire on top on some rigs:

    Bill: I thought the serial number looked like a Traveller; it was the wheel wells that confused me. Maybe to fill an order, and if the order didn’t require the jump seats, Willys Motors used wagons with round wheel wells occasionally?

  5. Bill Norris


    Four wheel drive Travellers did come with a roof mounted spare and that one does look correct. Very hard to find a correct one. I would guess many were discarded for the reason you mentioned. Willys boasted you could squish 9 people in there. For whatever reason two wheel drive travelers had the spare mounted right behind the front seat.

    Dave, as they say, never say never about willys. I’ve seen two travellers with no rear windows. Can’t imagine riding back there in the summer.

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