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1960? Jeep Family Brochure in French

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As discussed on this page, which shares the English version of this brochure, given the “hockey stick” style of the 2WD wagon and the one-piece wagon and truck windshields sometimes shown, this could have been a 1960 brochure. And, it may have been European focused given the French and Enlightenment versions.

Here is the French version fo the brochure:

1960-french-jeep-family-brochure01-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure02-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure03-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure04-lores

1960-french-jeep-family-brochure05-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure06-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure07-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure08-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure09-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure10-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure11-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure12-013-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure14-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure15-lores



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