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1952 M-38CDN Ford Mesa, AZ $17,500

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UPDATE: This was last up for sale in 2017.

“Nice almost all org 1952 M38 CND for sale. The good – Almost all org. Seems to be mostly a survivor. CND M38s are very rare under 3000 made as compared to 60,000 US. Rebuilt carb and all brake components are new. Runs great no shake or shudder at any speed does not jump out of 2nd at any time. Very Rare and much cheaper than a new side by side and it is worth more money every year. The bad- 12 volt now with non waterproof system. Some rust repair not perfect but good. Old dent on right rear looks to be not repaired correctly. Non org is the 12 volt and the lock out hubs on the front axle. The tool box was repaired at some time and is about 2 inches deeper than stock. Jeep is in AZ with clean title and AZ registration as Historic Vehicle. I have the complete roof with a few spare pieces and the canvas is good but the windows are not due to age and yellowing.”

1952-m38-carefree-az7 1952-m38-carefree-az8 1952-m38-carefree-az9


4 Comments on “1952 M-38CDN Ford Mesa, AZ $17,500

  1. Lyle Watkins

    “Even after the war, Ford of Canada filled a large order of military Jeeps. Production took place in late 1951 through 1955. Built under license from Willys, they were known as M-38 Ford trucks. During 1952, a total of 2,438 were made. (2,135 plus 303 M-38A1 CDN; see Brian note below)
    In 1953 Willys-Overland was purchased by Kaiser. Also that year some styling changes were made. The new Jeeps looked a bit more rounded, and the model designation was changed to M-38-A1. Of interest in those pre Auto Pact days was the fact that these postwar Canadian-made Jeep were shipped to the United States, for the American military forces. ”
    From: “Exclusive & Exciting Cars & Trucks Built by Ford of Canada”

    Upon receipt, the Canadian Army stamped a CAR number on top of left front frame rail near front bumper (Canadian Army Registration): 51–3xxxx but mostly 52-3xxxx.

  2. Douglas Niemela

    So, still no negotiation on the price? I’ve seen this jeep advertised on other sites. I’m retired Army living in Tucson.

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