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1966 CJ-6 Tux Park IV Albany, OR $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/07/2020) T.J. shared this ice looking CJ-5.

“1966 cj5 tuxedo model. Buick 350 V8 . 3spd on the floor with top and doors. Contact Brian Evans, serious inquiries only.”

1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or01 1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or0 1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or1 1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or2

1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or3 1966-cj5-tux-park-albany-or4


4 Comments on “1966 CJ-6 Tux Park IV Albany, OR $7500

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. My brain knew it was in Oregon, but my fingers did not apparently.

  2. Denny Napier

    Was ’66 the last year of the Tux Park? I don’t see any special trim on this one except the chrome hood hinges and rear bumper which apparently was modified to clear the hitch. I am only familiar with the earlier Tux Parks. I hope Barney will weigh in on this.

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