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Military Jeep Photos From Various Databases

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Here are some military photos that appear in various library databases.

1. This first one shows a jeep that was dug out from an avalanche in the Grand Tetons:

“lack and white photo showing a Jeep vehicle after being extracted from an avalanche at Glory Bowl in the Teton Range, Wyoming.”


PHOTO CREDIT: Ted Majors and the University of Utah Digital Library Collections

2. Here’s a solider welding jeep fenders:

3. This 1947 photograph appears to be a Swedish family surrounding the family MB:

4. This 1947 photo from Sweden shows the same jeep as above. It seems like some of the folks from the top photo also appear in this one? 



5. This 1951 behind-the-scenes photograph appears to show the filming of the German film “Die 4 IM Jeep“:


6. 1944 Photo of Soldiers in France siting atop a modified jeep:

“Photograph of Capt. John M. McAfoos, T/5 Paul Severino, and two unidentified soldiers sitting in a Jeep somewhere in France. Buildings are visible in the background”


PHOTO CREDIT: This photograph is part of the collection entitled: World War Two Collection and was provided by the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum to The Portal to Texas History, a digital repository hosted by the UNT Libraries.

7. April 1945 photo showing jeep and German POWs:

“Defeated German soldiers on their way to a POW camp talk to American soldiers next to a Jeep with a trailer.”


PHOTO CREDIT: BYU Digital Collections, Photographer J. Malan Heslop

8. 1945 Photo of Soldiers in Jeep:

“Copy photograph of five soldiers in a Jeep, with Ray Perkett at the wheel.”

9. May 1945 photo of three men on jeep next to German hospital:

“On back of photograph: “Rudy – Hank – Me. M. DiCampiglio in front of a Jerry hosp. [German hospital]. Left – Ernest Rudinger, T-3 HQ 3/85 ; Center – Henry Perkins, HQ 3/85 (BN Driver) ; Right – WIlliam C. Murphy, S/Sgt, Intel. NCO, HQ 3.85.”

10. 1944? photo in France showing Harry Towsley driving a jeep with a Spring Harrow(?):


5 Comments on “Military Jeep Photos From Various Databases

  1. Chuck

    Com’on Dave, you know better. The pics of the Swedish family contain no people of color. Even the cows are all white! I am deeply disappointed and hope the woke do not cancel your site. Lol! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Interesting detail in photo # 3 with the dad leaning on a lard stirrer. We have one among our antiques.
    Also in photo # 10 the location of the blackout drive light from the fender to replacing a H/L bulb – perhaps done on both HLs. Why the whole assembly is missing from the fender on such a well kept Jeep is a head scratcher.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Barney: I was guessing some kind of butter stirrer, but am not familiar with a lard stirrer. I figured there might be a tiny chance it is a Cricket Bat, but I don’t know how widely cricket was played in the 1940s-1950s.

    Chuck: Wouldn’t that be pronounced “Voke” in Swedish? lol. Technically, the photo is black and white. Since black and white aren’t colors (black is the absence of visible color and white shows all the visible color), this photo covers all the colors of the spectrum and yet no colors, simultaneously.

    But all that aside, please, please ‘wake’ me and cancel this site; I’ve painting to finish, a pond to clean, and, later, a shop to play in once again!! 🙂

  4. Chuck

    @ Bingo, Lmao!
    @Dave, Haha, you got me, you are absolutely right. Btw, please, don’t even entertain the thought about going anywhere. You may not fully realize how many people you are keeping sane in this crazy new normal.

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