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2008 Prototype GD M1161 Growler Asheville, NC $26,500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

If you like unusual offload vehicles, maybe this will quench your thirst.

2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc01 2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc0 2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc1

“2008 Prototype General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems M1161 Growler Light Strike Vehicle. 3.0L Turbo charged diesel 4 cylinder 148HP, 295 lb∙ft torque, 4 speed auto, 4WD. Runs and drives excellent, 553 miles, 203 hours. Tire inflation system (run flat) and adjustable air bag suspension work as they should. One piece windshield with defrost vents, I haven’t seen another with a one piece windshield.

2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc2 2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc3 2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc4 2008-prototype-gen-dynamics-growler-asheville-nc5

The motor has been replaced by the military with a 2010 engine that is a 3.0L 148HP rather than the stock 2.8L 132HP. The replacement engine has a VW emblem on valve cover. It also has a different ROPS design. I couldn’t tag it in North Carolina but it has seat belts, horn, mirrors, wipers, turn signals, headlights hi/low, and tail lights.

Also has black out lights. It has the rear steer controller box but the rear steering component has been removed.

M1161 LSV Specifications Length (OAL) 163.0″ Width 60.0″ Height inside V-22 (folded/stowed, suspension lowered) 46.9″ Height outside V-22 (fully rigged; suspension at road height setting) 72.5″ Height outside V-22 (suspension at high setting) 75.5″ Gross Vehicle Weight 6,536 lbs. Vehicle Curb Weight 4,536 lbs. Payload: 2,000 lbs. Fording depth (no kit) 30.0″ Fuel: JP-8, Commercial Diesel, DF-2, JP-5 Fuel Capacity: 24.0 gallons total from twin 12.0 gallon fuel tanks Vehicle top speed (paved roads) 65+ mph Engine Performance 132 bhp @ 3,600 rpm / 230 ft lbs. torque”


One comment on “2008 Prototype GD M1161 Growler Asheville, NC $26,500

  1. Steve Cox

    Interested in street licensing. Does it have a serial number tag?
    Is the engine computer controlled? Has there been any other correlation with VW in parts purchases or engine markings?

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