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1942 Willys MB Slat Grille Auburn, CA $23,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $23,500.

(02/27/2021) Bill spotted this MB for sale. It is being sold though a Buy-it-now (or Make Offer) on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

“1942 Willys MB Jeep built 1/8/1942. The serial # is 110515, frame # 110515, engine # MB595247. This Jeep was restored 18 years ago and driven 20 miles since. The Jeep has the original metal and Tub with some rust in the forward hat channel and a dent behind the passengers seat (see photos). The engine starts easily and runs very well, the transmission works as it should. The transfer case works correctly but is dripping some oil. All gauges work except the fuel gauge. The tires are as new and the brakes are very good. All electrical is working except the horn. Correct dish wheels. This Jeep has the correct steering wheel, the later WWII jeeps had the steel spoke wheels to save rubber.
This is a good looking and good driving 42 MB.”

1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca0 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca1 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca2 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca3

1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca4 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca5 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca6 1942-mb-slat-grille-auburn-ca7


3 Comments on “1942 Willys MB Slat Grille Auburn, CA $23,500

  1. Luke


    Listed as sold on eBay.

    Seller did a really, really nice photo walk around essay!

    If there was a way to capture and archive what the seller did, it would be WELL worth it.

    Sadly I am not techno savvy enough to get it done.

    Salem OR

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