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1949 Truck Lehi, UT $17,000

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This nice looking truck has been upgraded with a Superhurricane engine, along with a Hurricane badge. No description provided.

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7 Comments on “1949 Truck Lehi, UT $17,000

  1. Denny Napier

    For 17 grand there should be a thorough write-up. It is on a rather obscure website. I’d be interested in finding out more about that Hurricane badge.

  2. neal jung

    powered by the famous the famous hurricane engine ? — that would the the f-134 or the f-161 ?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Denny: I was curious about that Hurricane emblem, too. I imagine it came out when the engine was introduced in 1950, but that’s just a guess. My searches online didn’t yield any additional info. Looks like that will be a future post.

    Vernon: That’s a good question!

  4. neal jung

    maybe i have dyslexia ? dyslexia ? does anyone think that emblem was made by willys overland ? ?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I have a new theory; after some searching, I found the phrase “Powered by the famous Hurricane engine” in a Willys Aero Ad. So, possibly, this wasn’t a jeep thing, but a Willys Aero thing. Given the ad was from circa 1954, it would have been a Willys Motors thing. I’ve also found two other examples of the emblem. I’ll do a post on this in a couple days.

    – Dave

  6. David Eilers Post author

    I stand corrected. It looks like the phrase was used in a 1953 ad, likely produced between the buyout offer and the conclusion of that process.

  7. neal jung

    i have never seen a willys vehicle with that emblem on it — the fact it says ” the famous hurricane engine ” would mean it was made after the hurricane engine became famous ? 1951 , 1952 , 1953 ? — maybe its magnetic ? put on a willys aero temporarily in a willys showroom ? — i have a willys sales kit with cardboard or paper emblems they would put on jeeps in the showrooms , emblems for the shifters , high , low , front axle gear shift , etc — i still have 2 willys aeros ( falcon , eagle ) so i like the aero angle …

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