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1945 MB/GPW Prairie Village, KS $20,000

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This 1945 MB was rebuilt in 2012. Unfortunately, it seems to be a mix of parts (GPW body and MB frame for example). Also, it seems the parking brake equipment was not installed.

“Documents list all the work that was done when it was restored in 2012, at a total of $22,566. I love this jeep but unfortunately I will be moving across the country in the next year and don’t have options for storage. Someone else will enjoy it!

Odometer 96,930 (no more than 25 miles have been put on it since the engine was redone.”

1945-mb-gpw-prairie-village-ks1 1945-mb-gpw-prairie-village-ks2 1945-mb-gpw-prairie-village-ks3 1945-mb-gpw-prairie-village-ks4 1945-mb-gpw-prairie-village-ks5


6 Comments on “1945 MB/GPW Prairie Village, KS $20,000

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Pad behind water pump looks too wide across for ww2 block and no oval pad on right side of Probably post war block as well. 12 volt electrical system, a lot wrong for that kind of money.

  2. JW

    Doug, agreed. Based on those items plus a number of other items, what are the crowd’s thoughts on fair price for an otherwise solid mostly repro/non-original MB?

    Replacement engine
    Repro body
    12v electrical
    Missing 6v components
    Incorrect & non-repro wiring
    Repro data plates
    Missing spare tire mount
    Missing spare
    Possibly missing 1 or more combat wheels (hard to tell)
    Missing bow brackets
    GPW toolbox lids
    Missing pintle hitch
    Missing rear seat
    Missing footrests

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