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1957 Truck Littletown, PA $4500

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Merlin’s got this project truck for sale. Questions, offers etc.. email: merlin at

“1957 Willys truck. Clear Maryland title. This lived its life on a farm near Westminster, Maryland. This was a project that stalled. I need the space in my shop. Please read carefully and review photos (all photos and a full description can be seen here) before asking questions.

This is a project for someone with the right skills. There is alot of value here and the greasy, tetanus inducing, bolt shearing, soul killing horrible cleanup was done for you. It is not a project I will put any work into; it comes as is, where is, no warrantees implied or offered. Cash is the only payment I will take. Reasonable offers entertained. I do not want more stuff, so please do not offer your 1995 Honda, jet ski, Chevy truck project, yard trailer etc… as a trade. I am not interested.”

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4 Comments on “1957 Truck Littletown, PA $4500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This looks like a great project and a good price. Having the frame already cleaned up and painted is a big bonus. I think I’d like the metalwork challenge of completing the bed, or maybe making a wood stake truck bed back there.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon, I believe it. Even 10 years ago you could get a truck for cheap. But, not anymore, especially on the east coast with a good cab like this.

  3. Jim

    I agree. This would be nice for a vehicle project. You just need to do some metalworks, especially on the parts that have been eaten by the rust. A few upgrades on the suspension would be great on that too then put a nice set of mud tires and wheels.

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