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1944 “Tree Felling” Video

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I’m not sure what “VS” stands for? The latter half of the video has Black Peter and Saint Nicholas in a jeep, the first half with the fire and felling trees is interesting, too, but, I’m not sure why?

“VS of troops sitting around wood fire outside trying to keep warm.

Shots of soldiers chopping down large fir trees. They carry off cleaned tree trunk. VS of them chopping up logs with saws and axes.

Shots of two soldier cutting down small fir tree. More shots of soldiers carrying ‘Christmas’ Trees.

VS of soldiers in hospital decorating a Christmas Tree with help from nurses. Shots of other decorations being made.

Quick shot of Saint Nicholas and Black Peter meting children in town. Shots of children and mothers smiling. Shots of St. Nicholas escorted to jeep by soldiers and presents are loaded in. Children cheer and wave. The Christmas jeep is driven along.”


4 Comments on “1944 “Tree Felling” Video

  1. JohnfromSC

    VS – perhaps “Various Shots” as in previous video and other reference to shots in this text.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I just couldn’t come up with anything last night.

    Lots moved yesterday, still lots of heavy items left.

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