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1942 MB? Southborough, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:* *SOLD** Was $14,999. The has been available for several years.

(06/04/2017) Looks parade ready. No description provided.

1942-gpw-southborough-ma1 1942-gpw-southborough-ma2 1942-gpw-southborough-ma3 1942-gpw-southborough-ma4


14 Comments on “1942 MB? Southborough, MA **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    For that price it really should come with a battery 😉
    Also noticed lack of data plates on glove box; horn button doesn’t look right; and odd “bubba bracket” to the generator. Overspray on the tires isn’t a good sign, either.

  2. S. Giraud

    Also later type rotary light switch. Not correct for a 42 model year. A bit overpriced in my opinion.

  3. Craig in ME

    Body seems repro…no holes for door well curtains. No radiator rod to cowl either.

  4. Race in VT

    Seems like this has been for sale for a couple of years. That should tell you what the market thinks.

  5. Matt

    So in 2017 it had been for sale for a couple of the period of time its been for sale, has anyone actually looked at it or talked to the seller…that we know of?

  6. Shawn Hoague

    No answer on the number provided, and doesn’t answer emails. Probably a guy telling his wife “I’m TRYING to sell it!”

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Shawn, thanks for the update on that. That can be frustrating for sure!

  8. matt Stein

    I actually talked to the owner. He bought it to send to India but could not get the permit. He doesn’t know anything about it. I mean he doesn’t know how to drive it or even start it. He sent me a few pictures and they look good but he said it hasn’t been turned on since 2018. He has no interest in the jeep and will sell it for 10000. If you can actually see it with your own eyes it would be a great buy.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Nolan,

    I haven’t seen this jeep listed lately. I just checked Craigslist, but don’t see it listed, so I’ve marked it sold.

    – Dave

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