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1964 CJ-5 Tux Park Dually Dallas, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17,900.

David refurbed this Tux Park CJ-5 with an early dually package.

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“Up for sale is my 1964 Kaiser Willys CJ5 tuxedo park. It’s my 4th ground up restoration. I’ll start with what I didn’t do which was changed the gears in the axles as they looked great. And also I did not paint it as you could see. It’s original color was red. I did replace every race and bearing as well as front and rear hubs. All new 10” brake system (tuxedo park) front to back including cylinders and lines. All new fuel system front to back.

Completely rebuilt original Hurricane 4cyl engine. Show quality original rebuilt carburetor. Professionally rebuilt transmission and transfer case. All new u-joints. New alternator (tuxedo park had them factory) . The body is a reproduction all metal and not a bit of rust. Radiator and hoses all brand new. Right now it has a dealer sold dually farm kit on the back which is easily removed. There are seven brand new wheels and tires. Interior is all new and includes a new “Vintage Air”heater and defrost system.

Glass is new and it comes to the brand new best top super top. Frame is an excellent shape as I replace the original. Also there’s a brand new wiring kit from Walks 4wd along with an electronic distributor. I’m sure I missed a lot of items that I added to this so any questions feel free to contact me.

Oh, Also for this price will be extra parts such as the Tuxedo Park three on the tree transmission and shifter as well as the original transfer case plus many other parts. Just in case you’d like to restore it back to a tuxedo park. Approximately 150 miles on rebuilt engine.”


4 Comments on “1964 CJ-5 Tux Park Dually Dallas, PA **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    In my lifetime, this is the only example of a Tuxedo Park model being DE-TUXED, not to be critical, but in my mind, defies logic. Other than that, well done.

  2. David Siracuse

    I know to detux a tux is a sin. Ha. But I brought this one home in boxes. Most of the tux parts we’re missing although I do have the transmission three on the tree column and some other parts to restore if someone want to take it back to a tuxedo park. All this goes with the Jeep. The engine was built as the tuxedo park engine would be with the spin on oil filter and alternator. I have the tailgate license plate holder. Also the 10-in brakes are intact and rebuilt. I even have the bumpers which would have to be rechromed along with their brackets. Other than that it’s a completely restored tuxedo park minus the badges and three speed transmission.

  3. Travis

    this is probably a stupid question but, can I ask you what side are your left threaded lugs are on? I found some dual adapters and wasn’t sure, thanks

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