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Our old Pasco house hit the market Wednesday afternoon. By 4:00pm yesterday there were four good offers, two of which were $20k over the asking price ($379,000). My Mother-In-Law accepted the best offer ($26k over the asking price with no inspection required) last night. It’s just another reminder that it’s a red-hot market out there for sellers!

With that step done, we are closer to regular updates returning.

My son and his gf are in town this weekend, so updates will be scarce, but things ought to return to normal next week (I know, I said that last week, lol).



6 Comments on “SOLD ….

  1. Mark S.

    That has to be a relief not maintaining two homesteads. The real estate market has sure turned around, no more listing for months and low ball offers.

  2. JW

    Congrats on the sale! We’ve been looking for a larger spread here in NE Kansas and property is selling so fast it doesn’t even hit the market. We’re still watching but it’s likely to be awhile until the market cools enough to find what we want.

  3. Tom in Paris

    Same kind of market here in Paris,Ky. Congratulations on the sale and hopefully less to worry about!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. Yeah, it’s a relief to get over that hump. So far, 2021 has been a very good year for us. I hope to share that good fortune with folks via an eWillys jeep event here sometime next year.

    We now have two cows and a calf in the pasture. They belong to a neighbor who has put up some additional fencing and will manage the pasture area, while we focus on the front two acres for the summer. By next spring we will have a better idea of what we want to do with the back area.

    I’ve heard from various readers that the real estate market seems to be hot everywhere. This seems like such a strange time!

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