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1962 CJ-3B Grantsville, MD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

Looks in good shape. Has an OD and PTO winch.

“CJ3B 1962 Jeep from southwestern US. Repowered with small V8. 3 speed with Warn overdrive.”





2 Comments on “1962 CJ-3B Grantsville, MD **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    A couple of things I noticed on this 1962 3B, Not sure about this, that’s why I’m asking. #! When did Kaiser do away with Willys stamped into the grille? #2 This one doesn’t have the right side (passenger side) fresh air vent, I thought by 1962, this was already standard. And then I notice the windshield wiper motor cover mounted on the passenger side, I thought that was unusual (most likely an add on) but any I’ve seen on CJ5’s, have always been mounted on the driver’s side.
    Can anyone give me some insight on these questions? Just curious, It’s going to bug me till I have answers.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Good questions.
    1) The “WILLYS” stamps disappeared as part of the 1963 transition to Kaiser-Jeep. So, a 1962 with an original body would be expected to have WILLYS stamped on the grille, hood, and body.

    2) Yes, the fresh air vent began appearing in 1959.

    3) The wiper motor mod is something I’ve usually seen on the driver’s side, not the passenger side. But, imagine it works as well there.

    My guess is that this tub and hood are not original to the body (replacement or earlier tub). Or, the year is incorrect.

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