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1946 CJ-2A JeepRod Duluth, MN **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $14,999

(06/21/2020) Lots of custom work.

“1946 willy Jeep custom replica 454/ posi rear end , everything custom ! auto tranny 8667 miles ”

1946-jeeprod-duluth-mn1 1946-jeeprod-duluth-mn2 1946-jeeprod-duluth-mn3 1946-jeeprod-duluth-mn4


16 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A JeepRod Duluth, MN **Status Unknown**

  1. SteveK

    Appears to be a very well built hot rod. It has to be quite a handful to drive, and a real show stopper when it pulls in. It says “manual transmission”, but I only see STOP and GO pedals. Nice overall. Something you likely won’t see another one like it.

  2. Mike

    Although I admire the beauty and hard word and creative ability that went into this Willys, what Practical purpose does it serve other then eye candy. Just an opinion.

  3. SteveK

    There are a lot of “eye candies” that are for self indulgence and/or hoping to improve one’s social status. Art and beauty and creativity are appreciated differently from different perspectives. As with most separations from “eye candy”, one tends to lose a lot of “investment”.

  4. Mike

    Valid point Stevek, point well taken, it is a beautiful “work of art”. I speak from a more practical point of view, one of a working class individual, not having the “play money” nor time to tackle such a project. Yes, as you stated, money is usually lost on such projects, no deep pockets here. Part of my statement and wonderment is the following; how does one achieve such success in life? I suppose it’s a bit of envy on my part.
    Just a thought, if all of us “POOR BOYS” could form a “BRAIN TRUST”, we too could achieve this kind of success in life. This was a great exchange of thoughts and ideas, I thank you Stevek for your reply.

  5. SteveK

    Mike, I hear you and totally relate to what you are saying and living. I too am of “fixed income” SS and a small pension, no deep pockets. I envy the ability and means for such “toys”, as well as the big garage it sits in. In fact, I have a Willys Dispatcher project 10 years old this December coming that I don’t have the means to “get er dun” easily, either financially or physically. I hope some day Dave will feature my project for the comments to vary and all have merit of their own. Willys enthusiasts are a unique “Brain Trust’ with many talented and skillful members, and all worthy in their own right and Life Style. Stay SAFE ALL!

  6. Joe in Mesa

    Great discussion this morning!
    Back to the subject jeep rod, I’m with Mike: “What’s up with the steering wheel?”
    For such an amazing art car, why the asymmetric design …in our “favorite” (not) diamond plate!

    Happy Fathers Day, Dave! …and other fellow Dads out there 🙂

  7. David Eilers Post author

    I see the steering wheel as an artistic expression. However, for those more OCD than I (as I look over at my lovely bride), I think the asymmetric design would drive her nuts (more nuts than usual). 🙂

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Tracy,

    It looks like the ad expired on Craigslist, so I don’t have an un update as to its availability. I”ve updated the post. If I see it relisted for sale, I will send you an email.

    – Dave

  9. Mike Light

    What front axle is it ? Maybe a Speedway Kit ?
    I love the whole package, very nice work….

  10. David Eilers Post author

    Hi TW,

    I haven’t seen this relisted in a few months. If I do see it pop up, I’ll send you an email.
    I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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