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1948 Parkway Wagon Trailer Sparta, WI $1500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/24/2019) Another wagon-into-trailer modification.

“Willy’s station wagon made into camping trailer back in the 50’s. Been saving it to restore an pull behind my Willy’s station wagon or truck, but time to let someone else enjoy it. Has the rare, hard to find, ‘ barn doors ‘ in back. Will need metal work, but it’s mostly flat panels on body and frame. $1500.”

1948-parkway-wagon-trailer-sparta-mn1 1948-parkway-wagon-trailer-sparta-mn2


5 Comments on “1948 Parkway Wagon Trailer Sparta, WI $1500

  1. Mike

    $1500.00 for a trailer wagon (1/2 a wagon) is the refrigerator included in the price? Why would anybody hack up a Parkway wagon, Slob art at it’s best…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Dave … sigh …. corrected … I am pretty sure I consulted the map on this one and still got it wrong, though now that I check again, I may have confused it with Sparta (Township), MN.

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