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2021 Willys Rally in Moab Pics

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Steve Elkins shared these pics he took at this year’s Willys Rally. He and Blaine attended the Rally for the first time. He counted over 40 Willys and a few more modern iron participating in the event, but didn’t have a head count.

He felt the Red Cliffs Lodge was the perfect venue for such large event. He wrote that the beautiful setting on the Colorado River was an oasis in the desert. The facilities were well maintained and the staff was awesome! He plans to “definitely return to this destination in the future”.

Steve noted that just about every Willys was represented, including Flatfenders, Pickups, Stations Wagons, a Parkway, and one FC. Non-Willys included wranglers and one Jeepster Commando. There was mostly modified Jeeps in attendance, but still there were an impressive representation of Jeeps equipped with an original Power Train. Those with beautiful paint jobs aren’t afraid of getting them dirty.

IMG_6310-2021-willys-rally IMG_6301-2021-willys-rally IMG_6305-2021-willys-rally IMG_6307-2021-willys-rally IMG_6308-2021-willys-rally

IMG_6309-2021-willys-rally IMG_6312-2021-willys-rally IMG_6314-2021-willys-rally IMG_6319-2021-willys-rally

Thirteen vehicles took the mild off-roading adventure up the Onion Creek Trail. The rest of the group took a more difficult route up Hells Revenge.

IMG_6328-2021-willys-rally IMG_6330-2021-willys-rally IMG_6332-2021-willys-rally IMG_6344-2021-willys-rally IMG_6345-2021-willys-rally

Steve spotted this flowering barrel cactus, along with a Prickley Pear cactus in the second pic.

IMG_6346-2021-willys-rally IMG_6350-2021-willys-rally

This ‘62 Pickup crested a steep hill, demonstrating the low end torque of an OHC 6-230 Tornado Engine.

IMG_6353-2021-willys-rally IMG_6282-2021-willys-rally IMG_6356-2021-willys-rally

The yellow ‘61 Willys Wagon from Corona, Ca was voted best paint, but never hesitated to get dusty & dirty, and even splashed through the water crossings.


Driving through the natural spires and towers was spectacular.

IMG_6366-2021-willys-rally IMG_6367-2021-willys-rally IMG_6370-2021-willys-rally IMG_6371-2021-willys-rally

The raffle was held after dinner on Saturday. Many nice prizes were donated by vendors and individuals.

IMG_6377-2021-willys-rally IMG_6379--2021-willys-rally IMG_6384-2021-willys-rally

Dan Campo’s ‘58 Willys Wagon was voted the Most Modified and also won the People’s Choice Award.


Organizer, Casey Dimmitt’s ‘57 Willys Wagon was voted best Patina


Art Holling’s ‘61 Willys Wagon was voted Best Paint. Art painted this one himself.

IMG_6395-2021-willys-rally IMG_6432-2021-willys-rally


8 Comments on “2021 Willys Rally in Moab Pics

  1. adolph coors

    that gives me the WILLYS !! — last time i went through MOAB , 1971 ? i stopped for a 6 pack and a pack o smokes and kept moving south – camped at the NEWSPAPER ROCK STATE ? MONUMENT – i slept right under the petroglyph wall and had HORRIBLE NIGHTMARES !! – this white boy had offended the NATIVE SPIRITS ? – oh well , i made a beeline east for the SAN JUAN MTS , COLORADO and drowned myself in fresh COORS BANQUET BEER , later drove east to GOLDEN COLORADO , and went to the COORS TASTING ROOM for even fresher COORS !! .. I did see the fc-170 ” we drive you look ” tour rigs in OURAY , but being a poor hippie , i didnt take the tour .. my willys jeeps were home on the coast , they dont go out of state , or even COUNTY !!


    My family and I have been going to Moab about everyother year for the last 10-12 years. Never knew about old willy group. Started out with 4 wheelers, then side by sides and now jeeps. When I got back this year bought a 1961 willy wagon. I am busy working on it now and will try and get it to Moab for the next gathering. It is not stock, but is all jeep.

  3. Mark Bahlke

    Very very cool pictures. Looks like a lot of fun . that yellow one is sweet. I love the lime green and yellow with lots of rust Willys wagon that’s great. Thank you for sharing

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Good luck with the rebuild!

    I was first down in Moab in 95 and have loved exploring southern Utah ever since.

    – Dave

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