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2021 Willys Rally Day #2

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Steve shared these images from day two’s ‘Top of the World’ jeep trip.

Steve wrote, “On Sunday, Casey led a group of 12 vintage Jeeps and four modern iron up the Top Of The World trail. Two Jeeps had a mechanical breakdown. All the Willys with factory Jeep engines made it to the top without a problem. Breakdowns included a radiator vs. fan, and a broken steering rag joint. No one was left stranded. The group took care of each other and no one was left behind.”\

Sunrise on the last day of the event:


All lined-up for Sunday’s trail ride:


2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0001 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0002


2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0005 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0006 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0007 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0008

In the photo below, these flatfenders were negotiating a ledge:

2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0010 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0011 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0012 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0014 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0015

Stopping for lunch and a little vehicle repair:



On the way to the top, approaching a ledge:


These Jeeps are at the Top Of The World:

2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0019 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve0020 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve01 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve02 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve03 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve04 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve05 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve07 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve08 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve10 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve11 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve12 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve13 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve14 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve15 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve16 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve17 2021-willys-rally-moab-steve18
These Jeeps just came down from the top.




4 Comments on “2021 Willys Rally Day #2

  1. darrel in POMONA

    its great too see a FC-170 in action !! , reminds me of the old days ( early 1970’s ) when my buddy had one and it was tipping over sideways on a redwood forest jeep trail and i tried to hold it up BY HAND !! .. i was not crushed and later spotted the FC on your site here for sale , it was in dismal shape , roof caved in , smashed to hell , somewhere in the northern sierras of kaliphornia .. nobody ever throws a jeep away , they live forever !

  2. Blaine

    Steve’s FC has factory powr-lok in the front and rear which really helped us climb those ledges. I’m pretty sure both of us had stupid big grins. I can’t wait for the videos to come out!

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