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Patterson’s in Prosser

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Patterson arrived yesterday on Steve’s trailer (a big thanks to him), but things didn’t go smoothly at first (I will explain more tomorrow).

For example, some days you have to resort to old school carb techniques to make the jeep roll..


While at other times, the jeep rolls on it’s own …2021-05-22-renton-patterson-prosser



9 Comments on “Patterson’s in Prosser

  1. Bingo

    Not familiar w/that dual reservoir setup Dave. Please enlighten me to it’s purpose. Obviously nut’n to do w/ an emergency brake I s’pose.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Ouch! Was that done getting it on the trailer? Now you can put some repro taillights on Pattersonninstead of those Ford units!!



  4. Mark Johnson

    Next time you need to do an alternative fuel delivery system, Try an outboard fuel tank. I think you can probably get one at walmart but the point is they usually have a decent length to the fuel line but they come with a hand squeeze pump to move the fuel along and usually once its going it sucks it wo to much hassle. less loose fuel splashing around too. Sorry to see the dent. Oh well. Not incapacitating just not pretty. I don’t see The Biscuit in there yet. I am gona guess you may have released him to the wild ?
    Oh well keep plugging away, you guys will be settled and operational in no time.
    Mark j

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Mark: If I had one, I would have used it for sure. I’ve employed the outboard fuel tank/primer setup before. Back in the late 1980s a group of us was driving in the Olympic National Forest in an old truck when the fuel pump went out. We happened to have a boat fuel tank with a primer pump in the back. Once I figured out the truck had a bad fuel pump, I tried using the boat setup and, viola, it worked.

    In this case, I had little time and few options. Somewhere in mom’s garage there’s a brand new electric fuel pump, but could I find it? Nope. With few options and very pressed for time, I put together the contraption in the pic and (not shown in the pic) I taped it upright to the driver’s mirror. It worked well enough to drive the jeep onto the trailer.

    Vernon: I can’t blame Tequila on that … it was just a sober, momentary lapse of reason.

    Colin: Patterson drove himself into a trailer. I will have to explain in tomorrow’s post…

    Bingo: I am using a dual master cylinder kit like this one .. it is similar to this setup:

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Mark: Regarding Biscuit, it still needs to be moved, but because it’s in more pieces, the move is more work. As I told my wife, I’m so tired of moving stuff, that the thought of moving and working on Biscuit turned my stomach (especially after the adventures with Patterson). So, I’ll wait a couple weeks before tackling that move. It will have to be this winter’s project.

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