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Newgren Plow and Parts Storrs, CT eBay

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Ted’s got these parts for sale.

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“Willys Jeep CJ2/3A VEC Farm Jeep Newgren Single Bottom Plow Front Counter Weight. Condition is “Used”.

For sale is a Willys Jeep specialized equipment combo consisting of a Newgren brand single bottom land plow and front counter weight. The Newgren brand plow was designed to be used on Willys Farm Jeeps equipped with either a Newgren , Monroe , love , or Stratton Three Point Hydraulic lift or Hitch on back of Jeep. The front weight was mounted on front of Jeep as a counter weight to any of the specialized equipment being used on rear of keep with hydraulic lift.

The front counter weight weighs 265 lbs roughly and is in great shape.

The Newgren single bottom plow is also in very good condition for its age with original Newgren serial number tag still intact. This original Willys specialized combo would be a great addition to any correct Farm Jeep restoration or working Jeep.

These items are way too heavy to be shipped so local pickup will be best, I’d be happy to store them for a reasonable time period once they are paid for


4 Comments on “Newgren Plow and Parts Storrs, CT eBay

  1. Ted Jordan

    Hey Dave thanks for spotting the Newgren plow and getting it posted, I meant to send you the link but forgot. Price outside of Ebay will be better for sure and anyone interested can reach me at Ebay frowns on listing any contact info , numbers emails etc

  2. Peter White

    I inherited a Newgren single bottom plow with the coulter and sod cutter from my grandfather years ago and plan to restore it. The Tag says it is a CD 16 as best as I can tell. I am looking for any information including the correct color, age and anything else. If someone can help me, I would appreciate it.

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