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Newest Toy: Sahara Recherches Petroliferes

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UPDATE: After Joe’s comment I examined what I believe was the dash. It was then I noticed that inside the “engine bay” was printed “Hotul”. Here’s the best pic I could get of that. My assumption is that at least part of this jeep was made from recycled material.


This well-loved toy jeep popped up on eBay. The lettering refers to a French/African oil refining company? I thought it was unique enough that I put a low bid in and one it. Anyone know more about this toy? It’s about 4″ long, so it’s not a large toy.

sahara-jeep-1 sahara-jeep-2 sahara-jeep-3 sahara-jeep-4

sahara-jeep-5 sahara-jeep-6


4 Comments on “Newest Toy: Sahara Recherches Petroliferes

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That’s really cool! But now I have the urge to paint “SAHARA RECHERCHES PETROLIFERES” across the hood of my desert tan MB ;-). I like the bold read letters on the tan paint.

    What’s the extention coming up from the cowl? Was that a windscreen or …???

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Joe, I think that was the dash that’s been pulled forward (I don’t dare push it back, as I’m afraid it will tear the metal). But, your comment made me look closer at it and, which I did, I discovered this jeep may have been partially built from recycled material. I’ve added a pic.

    – Dave

  3. Blaine

    I have, or remember seeing, a vintage Japanese tin toy that had other printing on the inside like that.

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