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Jeep Sign Prices

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Ann and I have been taking about transforming the two rooms in the shop (one which would have been my office and the other the wood shop) into a large single room that would contain all my jeep stuff, plus an area for a pool table. Essentially, it would be more of an entertaining space where I could host visitors who might drop by for a visit.

With that in mind, I was looking around at some potential jeep-related signage, a couple things that would be focal pieces. I know prices are hefty on signage, but I wasn’t prepared for the price I found on this 94 1/2″ by 46 1/2″ late 1950s sign. It sold in February of 2020 for $20,000 (before shipping and buyers fees)!!


I guess it’s posters and banners for me! lol.


4 Comments on “Jeep Sign Prices

  1. JW

    There are some repro Jeep and Willys metal signs around that won’t break the bank. I am not usually in to repro stuff myself, but a few wall-hangers to spiffy up the Jeep space won’t hurt. I have a framed Complete Line of ‘Jeep’ Vehicles poster I picked up from somewhere hanging in my garage that I really enjoy 🙂

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’ve got a few “Complete Line” posters around here, somewhere, lol. I would like to build a large poster that includes every jeep model, including prototypes, made for the domestic market (or the military). That would be a neat and unusual item hanging in the shop (could make it a banner even).

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Dan, I’ve seen those, but didn’t know anything about them. I have all the hi res art to build and print my own.

    I never thought about having a vintage sign shop do it. Good idea! I know just who to contact.

    – Dave

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