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1950 Jeepster Keene, NH $13,500

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Looks in good shape.

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“1950 Willys Overland Jeepster
Affordable summer fun in a classic convertible starts here. The Jeepster was produced by Willys Overland for only 3 years, 1948-1950 with slightly more than 1100 produced in the final year. There were sales in 1951 but they were rebadged 1950 leftovers. This particular Jeepster is a wonderfully fun car that has been increasing in value steadily.
Apparently, someone at Willys Overland thought that the GI’s returning from the war would love to have a “Jeep” of their own that was family sized. As it turned out, most of the GI’s had their fill of Jeeps and sales went over like a lead balloon. This extremely limited production of Jeepsters makes them a rarity today.

This Jeepster had restoration started a few years back and completed a year or so ago. It was always a solid good running car. It is powered by an excellent running original F134 four-cylinder OHV engine that drives a three-speed manual transmission with overdrive. The O/D has not been connected and I am uncertain as to the condition of the overdrive however I believe it is all there. I have found that this Jeepster runs down the road at highway speeds quite comfortably. Parts and information for the overdrive unit are readily available from a variety of sources including companies that are selling almost any part for the Jeepster that you might want or need.

The Jeepster was available only in 2WD and with a “three on the tree” shifter. Simplicity is the key here. This Jeepster is equipped with an optional heater but that is the extent of the “extras” that were available. Restoration involved all mechanical aspects and included brakes, brake lines, tires, clutch, wiring harness, complete interior, convertible top and side curtains and paint. The paint although in excellent condition does have a couple of very minor scratches from use going to car shows and ice cream places and such. The top, interior and side curtains are in perfect fresh condition

This Jeepster is being offered for a realistic price of $13,500 with a current registration and NH title in hand and is being sold without warranty as are most cars of this vintage (71 years old). This Jeepster needs only a new owner. I have lost my storage which is the only reason I am selling it.

Whoever is the lucky buyer of this Jeepster will find a whole new group of friends every time it is driven. There are Jeepster clubs all over the country and members that are more than willing to meet up, party, answer technical questions and be good neighbors.

Please contact me at rthompson at ne dot rr dotcom or call/text six zero three seven62six one one one. The Jeepster can be seen and driven almost anytime. A fun and collectable car that is getting more and more valuable every day.”


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  1. Joe in Mesa

    That’s a really good, thorough write-up (description) AND seems like a reasonable price for such a great looking Jeepster. A convertible just in time for Summer!

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