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1951 Article on Search & Rescue Jeeps & Planes

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This in-depth article on the use of jeeps and planes includes a variety of photos. It appeared in the April 08, 1951, issue of the Nevada State Journal.

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2 Comments on “1951 Article on Search & Rescue Jeeps & Planes

  1. Micah

    I live in Spanish Springs. When I was a kid in the ‘70s this was way out of town. Harrah’s Casino had a trap shooting club out here that stars like Clark Gable went to in the ‘60s when he shot his final film with MM. I can imagine how even remote this was in the early 50s. Now, it is nothing but houses. The club is long gone. You don’t see many flat fenders out here. All those old Jeep’s must be gone too.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Micah,

    Thanks for sharing those memories. Nevada still feels pretty sparse compared to other parts of the country we’ve driven through, but, unfortunately, the state does seem to be working hard to catch up in terms of population, homes, etc, lol.

    – Dave

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