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The 55th Annual Mile-Hi Jeep Club’s All-4-Fun Event Starts July 31st

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This year marks the 55th annual Mile-Hi Jeep Club’s All-4-Fun event, a week-long event that changes locations each year. An appeal went out to the International Flat Fender Club in the hope of finding some more vintage jeeps to enjoy the experience. Registration is currently open, but closed June 30th. The cost is $500 for the week, July 31-August 7.



4 Comments on “The 55th Annual Mile-Hi Jeep Club’s All-4-Fun Event Starts July 31st

  1. Pascal

    I never really understood why we have to pay to participate in an event. It is thanks to us that people come to see the event. The organizers should pay us and not the other way around. What do you think? I have nothing against this particular event but it is just to start a disccusion.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a fair question: There are numerous expenses incurred to host an event like this that should be the club’s burden (in my opinion). Insurance is one cost. Food is another. The club may need special equipment. The club may need to pay access or rental charges. The event may be a fundraising event for the club, though I doubt they make much money on it.

    For Alaska or Rust, one reason we charged up front was to make sure folks could actually afford to be gone for three weeks (and all money that we accepted from participants was used for participant food, lodging, web costs, and a host of miscellaneous expenses).

  3. Pascal

    Wouldn’t it be more normal to charge visitors than those who currently put on the show? I understand that Alaska or Rust was different. I should be more specifics about the event type. Let say a strictly display event where you park your jeep for 1-2 days all day long to just show them. I saw the Mile-Hi are doing fund raising.

  4. Brent

    The MHJC does an excellent job with this event. I have been to 4 of them now. You get guides for all your trail trips, food (pancakes, suppers, ice cream), original “gifts” specific to your trip and more.
    Plus vendor shows, discounts, poker runs, raffles, fund raisers for charities… and more.

    This is 1 of the best events you can attend. It is a family atmosphere, and you will meet and become friends with some of the best folks around. For me (not speaking for anyone else), I have no issues paying the fees for the event. I feel I get more than what it costs to participate. I would highly recommend this event to anyone.

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