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1944 “Greatest Sky Armada In History” Video

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There’s only a brief shot of a jeep, but I found the footage of the gliders compelling.

Various shots of aeroplanes all marked with D-day signs standing in an airfield. A motorcycle and jeep drive up a ramp into the planes. Various shots of the paratroops as they prepare on the ground.

The aeroplanes taxi and take off for Holland, planes include Halifaxes, Stirlings and Albermarles, as well as Horsa gliders and Wacos. Air to air of the planes getting airborne and flying in formation out across the Channel. Ground to air formation of Dakotas passing over Belgian town, people look up at the aircraft. M/S Dakota plane that has crashed into a panzer tank burning in a field.

Aerial shot of the gliders casting free and heading to ground, they land. Various shots of paratroops parachuting to the ground in Holland. Various shots of planes in the fields.


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