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New (Old) Drill Press

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I’ve been spending the last couple weeks stalking Craigslist, trying to find a good price on a drill press. A couple days ago I found a Jet in great condition for $250, but I called to late on that one. After searching some more, I finally found a 16 speed drill press for only $100. So, I drove up to Ellensburg (about an hour and a half north) and picked it up today.

drill-press-1 drill-press-3

It turned out the seller was a long time farmer who used to own a machine shop (along with a 3000 acre farm) outside of Hermiston, but he downsized to a hundred acre place in Ellensburg. Because of that, he didn’t need the drill press. He said it worked great, but sometimes one of the chuck teeth would stick when changing drill bits. One thing that made the deal worthwhile to me was that he included the drill press vice and a notcher, two tools that together, when new, are about the value what I paid for the whole package.

Add into that, $50 for a never-used 40″ John Deere Aerator (Piece at $489 and Home Depot) and I’d say I had a good day shopping!

The funny thing about the visit was that the guy had grown up in Prosser (where we now live) and owned several Willys Jeeps (a 1956 CJ-5 was his high school vehicle). Small world.


4 Comments on “New (Old) Drill Press

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Looks like a nice piece of equipment Dave!glad you were able to pick that up and for a good price!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Robert,
    There were a bunch of these drill presses made and sold under different names. Based on condition and what I’ve seen around my area (Washington State), most non-major-brand floor-stand drill presses like this range from $100 stock $300. But that’s a rough estimate.

    – Dave

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