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1951 Article Introducing the Hy-Rail Wagon

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On November 18, 1951, the Times (Shreveport, LA) welcomed the new Hy-Rail Jeep Wagon to the Kansas City Souther-Louisiana and Arkansas railroad. The article provides quite a few details on the vehicle and how it operates.

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As this September 26, 1952, article in the Courier Journal (Louisville, KY) points out, by the autumn of 1952 there were 35 Hy-Rail jeeps operating on 21 railroads throughout the US.



4 Comments on “1951 Article Introducing the Hy-Rail Wagon

  1. CraigInPA

    Fascinating that tires have to be 55psi on the rail, but must be deflated to 30psi for road use. Today, such a change would be easy with a central tire inflator (as seem on Hummer H1’s), but back then it would take a laborious hand bleed of each tire, followed by a trip to a location with a compressor (presumably close to the tracks) to re-fill them.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Craig: That’s what I enjoy about these articles; they sometimes include details we never would have considered.

  3. Dan B.

    Willys America has a really nice Hy-Rail in their Willys Museum in Cazadero, California.

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