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1968 CJ-6 w/ Factory(?) Installed Radio on Four Wheeler Network

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Maury pointed me to this Four Wheeler article on a stock CJ-6 with some neat options. One of those options was a “factory-installed AM radio option”. It’s not the cleanest factory install, but does the job. Anyone know whether 1) this was a factory install or a dealer install and 2) what years the optional radio was offered?



3 Comments on “1968 CJ-6 w/ Factory(?) Installed Radio on Four Wheeler Network

  1. Barney Goodwin

    This was most likely installed by a dealer. It could have been installed at the factory by special order as up though 75 they would install anything using their customizing house on the factory campus. The push button radio pictured is part no 981030 and would have been for the C101 Commando. Perhaps J-series also. The AM radio offered for 1971 and prior CJs had a self-contained speaker in the bottom of the radio and it bolted by kit to the bottom of the dash panel and to the firewall like a CB radio of the era and was not available in push button. Part number is 978238. We have 3 NOS ones in stock. Starting in 1972-75 CJ, you could get an in-dash AM radio, Kit # 8997020 including one separate speaker and grill. We have several of these in stock also. However, interesting to note that from 72- 75 CJ, Jeep also offered an under dash radio kit with a large, plastic housing and metal mounting frame with the AM radio and speaker mounted separately within that housing. I could find no part # for this unit (unlike the in-dash) but you can find it in the illustrations under Group 15.320. It is totally different from the aforementioned 71< unit. And it probably used the in dash radio in the housing. This later unit is a popular accessory for 72 – 75 CJ.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    After posting the above, I realized by educated guess the reason for the 72-75 under the dash kit and why back then I never saw an in dash install on those years. Too much of the Type I heater system was in the way and the radio at that time was not the “shallow mount” type. It just couldn’t be done without a lot of modification and butchering under the dash. Easier to just have a kit that hung below the dash.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Barney!! This radio topic is worth of a post if I can make time for it…

    – Dave

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