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L-heads, F-heads College Station, TX

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UPDATE: Some engines still available: Willys M38 M38A1 CJ-2A CJ-3 CJ-5. They also have a variety of older jeep parts, including radiators, grilles, windshields, seats, and more.

(04/29/2020) Not sure what all is here, but in the pics I can see some L-head and F-head engines.

“Rebuildable Jeep engines flat head and F head with many accessories and some new parts available.

75+ engines currently in stock.
Contact for more information.

engines-tx2 engines-tx1


22 Comments on “L-heads, F-heads College Station, TX

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I believe this is Brent Mullins Jeep Parts based on the size of the inventory and GPS location. Specializes in MB/GPW and M-series Jeep with a very large inventory of NOS parts covered in cosmoline. Also has the Museum of the American GI on site. Reputable. College Station is the home of Texas A&M University (West Point of the South). Gig’em Aggies!

  2. Jordi Cortes

    Hi Dave!!!
    Can you send me the email of the seller?.
    I need an original engine for my M38 with all accessories and a F-head for my 1957 station wagon.
    Thanks Dave.

  3. Jimmy Parker

    I’m looking for a good 4-134 engine for a M38 Willy Jeep that I can rebuild and T90 transmission and transfer case that hasn’t had water in it.

  4. Warren Stevens

    Interesting collection.
    I’m looking for a flat head 134 engine or parts for a willy’s I’m starting to biuld.
    Do you have anything available

  5. Jim D

    Next thing you know, there’ll be a line out the drive in Prosser at the HQ and they’ll all be asking “Where’s the parts?” Must be a lot of new viewers lately!

  6. Terry Atmar


    Ryan McKee has these parts posted on Facebook Marketplace and he will reply to your Facebook Message. I have seen all of these parts with my own eyes, purchased numerous parts in-person at Brent Mullins location near College Station. Ryan was very helpful. We had to sort through several buildings (at least three) to find a CJ – 2a seat frame, two windshields and NOS steering box rebuild kit, NOS radiator hose, shackles, gaskets, shocks, tie rod ends, steering wheel, etc.

    It is a blast to visit and buy the parts in person, however, it is very difficult to catch them on a day when they aren’t busy rebuilding a tank or something. EBay is probably the best. Great people.

    Terry Atmar

  7. Charles Alexander

    Do you have a Harmonic Balancer for a 6-226 “Super Hurricane” engine?

    My father in law is looking for one. He does not email, if you could contact me at my email below or you can call his cell phone. Johnny Shore 865-389-5359

    Thank you

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