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1945 MB? Enterprise, OR $3000


It’s got mods and will need some work.

“After the windshield frame was smashed and the gas tank was removed this jeep was parked near a barn for 15 years. It was forgotten about and I believe deserves to be saved, so i brought it home. I chopped the wind shield down to a wind deflector and turned a beer keg from our local pub into the gas tank. After also adding a new battery, it started right up. After bleeding the breaks it also stops. Tail lights and blinkers work although the head lights are not working at this time. If I get a chance I will get them to work.

The tires are worn out but holding air. It runs well, stops ok, starts ok, but needs to be trailered. There is rust and bondo and at least 2 layers of paint over the military olive drab that is starting to show through. This jeep has the original engine with the overhead valve F head, transmission, military blackout lights, axles, spring over lift kit. Steering box, steering column, and shocks have been upgraded.”

1945-mb-enterprise-or01 1945-mb-enterprise-or0 1945-mb-enterprise-or1

1945-mb-enterprise-or2 1945-mb-enterprise-or3 1945-mb-enterprise-or4


3 Comments on “1945 MB? Enterprise, OR $3000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    I really like this one… would check it out if it was close to me. Of course I found it amusing: “This jeep has the original engine with the overhead valve F head.” …which does mean potentially 10 extra hp to move those huge tires! This would be fun to run as-is, knowing you could return it to it’s WWII roots some day if you ever wanted to. I like the look of that hood bump; too bad about the windscreen.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I believe this one sold, Richard. “This listing no longer exists”, according to Facebook.

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