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Feeling Like My Ol’ Self

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I am happy to report that rumors of my imminent demise were grossly exaggerated, though said rumors likely evolved from my own posts. So, you can place your pall-bearer suits (or jeans and t-shirts) and your mourning outfits back on their hangers. It looks like I will be around for a little while longer!

Of course, God, with a sense of humor unmatched, plucked me off that frying pan (the first bed they gave me seemed hard as one) and dropped me into the fire, that being the record heat we had around here. For all my Arizona brethren, you can have your crazy 115+ temps! Though, I will say the hot temps made it very easy to stay inside and get well.

Back on the fateful day when I checked myself into the emergency room, and once they determined my near death seemed avoidable, I had plenty of time to kill and a full charge on my phone: dangerous bedfellows!  Yet, I didn’t know if I was out-of-the-woods totally, so I figured I might as well let folks know that, as my father used to say in his understated manner, ‘there’s a problem’. Thankfully, I now feel reassured enough to say that, there is currently no longer a problem (knuckles meet wood).

But, that doesn’t mean eWillys will be back anytime soon. I’m enjoying this extended break. It may be that eWillys never returns to its original format. Instead, I’ll take this time to figure out a way that the site can be of use without the time demands of the past.

Before I go, I once again have to thank everyone who shared their stories about eWillys. It is always gratifying and humbling to see strange idea of mine evolved into something worthwhile.

Finally, I will leave you with two posts below, both oddities deserving of attention.



23 Comments on “Feeling Like My Ol’ Self

  1. Illinois Larry

    Dave, PRAYERS answered. Sounds like you’re figuring out the problem and how to treat it. Thanks for all your hard work with EWILLYS. Know that you have friends worldwide. If you’re ever passing through Illinois, look us up. God Speed

  2. Peter Rettig

    Very glad to hear that you’re back at the wheel after a scary speed bump !
    Drive on carefully…

  3. SteveK

    Glad to hear the doom is gone, except for the missing eWillys updates with my morning coffee. Best Wishes Always to you and your extended family from your extended eWillys family… including here in South Florida.

  4. Bingo

    Hallelujah! Dave; they gave you the hardest bed b/c everybody knows, ‘You Rock!’ Beat dat Willys drum on yer own terms.

  5. Carl

    Great news, exercise exercise exercise! I’m doing better being off my ewillys habit for a while and the craving is not as painful.

  6. Brian

    Wonderful news Dave! Glad you are feeling better, and also taking some time to survey the landscape and update your bearings on what direction to go in. Best wishes!

  7. Carl Watt

    You might want to get yourself tested for sleep apnea. That can kill your energy dramatically

  8. David Eilers Post author


    Yes, we are awaiting approval from the doc for a sleep study. I do have sleep apnea.


  9. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks again for all the well wishes.

    With the temporary drop in heat one the past few days, I’ve been able to make progress on the shop and the home-gym, along with cleaning up the yard; yet I still don’t feel I’m overworking at anything. This feels a lot like retirement (or what I think retirement is suppose to feel like).

    – Dave

  10. colin peabody

    Just take it a day at a time, one or two little projects, then go on to the next. Get plenty of rest in between them!!! Your loyal fans will survive without our daily dose of eWillys information, so just take care of yourself and as you feel better and not so overwhelmed with projects, then you can think about letting us know how you are doing!

  11. Jim D

    Most definitely pace yourself! I’m sure it won’t be long before you succemb to the “ewiilys addiction” and we start seeing even sporadic updates! But, as everyone else has said we’ll all be here checking to see when that is! Now I just have to follow my own advise and pace my self! I too am moving and have a jeep and a whole lot of parts to load today! I think I learned something from you!

  12. Richard Leroy Bennett

    Dave sorry have had trouble with email was not aware of your problems. Wish you the best. As much as I miss ewillys your health is much more important. Take care of your self and hope you are up to it again

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