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1961 FJ-3 Fleet Van Philadelphia, PA (Parting Out)


Steve shared this one. The seller indicates they are parting it out, but it also has a price of $5000.

“Complete part out of FJ3 FLEETVAN
Call with needs”

1961-fj3-fleetvan-philly-pa2 1961-fj3-fleetvan-philly-pa


One comment on “1961 FJ-3 Fleet Van Philadelphia, PA (Parting Out)

  1. Mike

    There was a time not that long ago, you couldn’t give these postal vans away, they were being junked. This was maybe 12 – 15 years ago. What changed? With right hand drive, OK, maybe a good ice cream truck back in the 80’s when they were affordable. Today, with the high cost plus making it road worthy, you’ll never make your money back selling ice cream.
    Yet I see people buying all sorts of step vans at crazy high prices and converting them into food trucks, insane if you ask me, I think most of this crazy buying & selling is just another pyramid scheme waiting to go bust. Gesh, AMERICA what a country.

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